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Experience the magic of butterflies in your own home with our Chrystalis kit!


Inside the kit, you'll discover everything you need for an immersive and educational experience. Witness the mesmerizing process as the chrysalis undergoes a miraculous metamorphosis, ultimately revealing the emergence of a stunning butterfly. Our kit is designed for simplicity and success, ensuring that you have all the necessary components to facilitate a smooth and enjoyable transformation.


Ideal for curious minds of all ages, this Butterfly Chrysalis Kit is a unique and memorable way to connect with the wonders of nature. From the comfort of your home, observe and learn about the incredible lifecycle of butterflies as they unfold before your eyes.


Unleash the beauty of metamorphosis with our Butterfly Chrysalis Kit — a perfect gift for nature enthusiasts, curious minds, and those eager to experience the captivating journey from chrysalis to butterfly in the comfort of their own home.

Butterfly Chrysalis Kit

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