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The Butterfly Enclosure

Part of the experience is to immerse yourself in a magical environment so we ensure our mobile enclosure is beautifully decorated with flowers and greenery. It is mess free and super easy to assemble and dismantle. This process should only take 10-20 minutes on either side of your booking and our friendly staff will take care of it all!

The enclosure can literally be set up anywhere provided there is sufficient space. It requires a 4x4m space and a ceiling height of >3m.

It is also available all year round. In winter we use the 'bubble dome' which is terrific for insulating heat and keeping the inside warm. In the warmer months we use the 'mesh dome' which is throughly ventilated and therefore keeps the inside at a pleasant temperature!

Just to give you an idea of how "mobile" the enclosure really is these are just some of the places it has been:

Backyard, driveway, local park, basketball court, play-centre, library, classroom, living room, porch and much more... 

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