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The Butterfly Experience 

Butterfly Kidz offers kids the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with live butterflies at their very own event; we like to call it "the live butterfly experience". 

As part of the experience groups of ~5 kids are invited into the butterfly enclosure at a time. Where there are larger groups of kids it is simply a matter of cycling groups through. Our staff will take care of this to ensure everyone gets an ample go!


Inside they are able to feed, admire and interact with the butterflies. This includes having them on their hands and even nose if they like! The kids are also in the company of two of our friendly butterfly-expert staff who make the experience extra interactive and special! 

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Inside the enclosure our staff also offer some basic education on the butterflies such as their lifecycle and anatomy. They will also be be able to answer any butterfly related questions you have!

The kids are also invited to wear their very own colourful butterfly wings which we provide in the enclosure!

All of our staff have a Working With Children and Covid vaccination certificate and are passionate about procuring the best experience for you! 

We are also insured with $20 million public liability insurance. 

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have!

What we do

At Butterfly Kidz we're on a mission to spread the love of butterflies, and believe everyone should experience their magic! Whether you are a senior in a retirement home or a child in junior school, we have an experience to suit you!

Check out our different experiences below! 

  • How many kids can be in the enclosure at once?
    To ensure all kids get the most out of the experience and so that the butterflies aren't overwhelmed we recommend ~5 at a time. With larger numbers we simply cycle groups through to ensure everyone gets a go!
  • Is the enclosure weather proof if it happens to rain?
    The enclosure is water proof so in the event it rains you can still enjoy the live butterfly experience. Also, if outdoors the enclosure is bolstered to the ground either by pegs or weight. In saying this, in the event of extreme weather the enclosure outdoors may not be appropriate.
  • Can the enclosure be set up indoors?
    Of course, we just need a 4x4m space at least a 3m high ceiling!
  • Is it safe for the kids to touch the butterflies?
    Of course, butterflies are harmless! If anything, interacting with butterflies teaches the kids the vital skill of being gentle.
  • Is there an educational element to the experience?
    As part of the experience we have two staff inside of the enclosure with kids. There they provide some education on the butterflies such as their life cycle and anatomy during their time in the enclosure.
  • Is there butterfly themed merchandise which can be purchased for take home gifts?
    Yep! Check out our party bags under "packages".
  • What staff is provided for the event and what experience do they have?
    We bring two well trained and knowledgable staff to each event. All of our staff are very friendly and have a working with children certificate!
  • How much time should be set aside for setting up?
    The enclosure is really easy to set up and should only take at most 30 minutes to setup/dismantle with no mess! Our staff will take care of it all so you can sit back and enjoy the event for yourselves!
  • How far are you prepared to travel?
    We are flexible, although if the event is particularly far we will implement a minimum amount of hours. If this applies to you we're happy to chat!
  • Are the butterflies well looked after?
    The butterflies are a part of our family so we make sure all of our butterflies are ethically sourced and looked after in the best possible conditions!
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